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If I am making for example $100 a day after paying Uber fees, How much tax shall I be paying for this?

If the commission is 20%, the total fare would be $125.

You should calculate the GST as 1/11th of $125 which is $11.36.

You will also have to pay income tax on your earnings.  Your assessable income is the fare less the GST amount, which is $113.64 ($125-$11.36). 

You can claim the $25 commission as a deduction in your income tax return.

To avoid a large income tax bill at year-end, you can voluntarily enter the pay as you go instalment system and pay tax throughout the year. More details can be found at:

What are all expenses that can be claimed by an Uber driver?

You can claim a GST credit for any GST included in the price of goods and services you buy for your business.Examples includeyour car, fuel, lollies, servicing and your smartphone / data usage. 

You can also claim an income tax deduction for these expenses. 

If your purchase is used for both business and private use, you can only claim a GST credit or an income tax deduction for the part of the purchase relating to your business use. For example if you use your car 50% for your business you can claim 50% of the GST on the fuel and other car-related expenses and 50% of the GST-exclusive cost as an income tax deduction.

You need to keep records of the income and expenses and of how you apportioned for private use.