Lost member register protocol: general review

We have updated the ‘Lost member register protocol' to incorporate recent changes to the law and to clarify some of the enquiries we are receiving from industry.

In addition to the changes that have been tracked in the attached document we have:

  • deleted reference to the old legislation and systems
  • deleted duplicated content common to each chapter of the protocol and covered on the Fund Reporting Protocol introduction page, such as how to use the protocol documents
  • updated to use the following terms consistently through-out the protocol

TermWe mean
ProviderAPRA-regulated fund, approved deposit fund or retirement savings account
MemberMember of a super fund, a depositor in an ADF or the holder of a RSA.

Feedback is sought in relation to these changes in the document below.

  • Lost member register protocol - proposed new wording (DOCX, 77KB)

To suggest changes you would like to see:

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word
  • Track any changes you would like to make
  • Save the file
  • Upload the file by using the 'Choose file' button below.

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The consultation period closes on Monday 13th May, 2019.

Community engagement on Lost member register protocol is now CLOSED. The results from your feedback will be shared with the community soon.