Submission 1

12 months ago

Tax Rap - Jordan Donohue and Cabe Barrett

Y'all got it wrong
Time to face the facts

I be steppin' Tax

Y'all think its pointless
workin'g hard makin' money
who's gonna make them fill better when there nose is runny

TAX PAYERS, tax payers i be reppin'
haters i be stepping
to prevent a depression

do you understand that your local library, police and the military
are all very necessary. But how are they supported

Tax payers

Let me just say more income equals more tax
more tax equals better fields and running tracks


state revenue it'll be helping you
state revenue it'll be helping you

Listen to the nation, the standing ovation
to the man who's droppin' super anuation

You've worked really hard, makin all your money
lets get serious not tryin' to be funny
paying all your tax now its time to relax
you've made all your stacks, help the G.O.V, with tax.

Picture this

Chilling at home watering the grass and the dirt
filling up a cuppa in your favourite shirt
accomplished all your dreams
sippin on a Kirk
Superannuation is the way that it works
Its simple,

do what you got to do
Dollars better save a few
Turnbull will be thanking you
at the start you didn't have a clue
now sit back and enjoy your view

If you feel like a pro, then you understand my flow
I ask do you understand and your answer is a no
please listen very carefully I'm going to have to go . (soon)

your first pay check its looking kind of whack then
do you get clean water from your tap then
go rest man, have a nap
the recover from this sick rap man

Taxes are compulsory contributions to the state you live in,
working hard trying to earn livin, on the inside you'll be winning
I'm sitting in my chair just chilling, paying tax can be so fulfilling

This rap is litness, you are now a witness of a
rappin student from MC Burney legitness
teaching the commerce Journey, see i'm gettin in early
I'm gonna win this comp, it made me whirly
Taking goals like Scott Sterling
Lets just STOP.

Consultation has concluded