Submission 10

11 months ago

The Village and the Boy named Tax - Felicity Pollard

Once upon a time there was a village that had a good hospital, a school and fun parks and in this village lived a boy called Tax. Tax would take a little bit of money from each person to pay for the hospital and the parks. But the people didn’t like giving their money to Tax so they drove him away.

A few weeks after Tax left, the people were happy because they had more money to spend. However some of them got sick so they went to the hospital but the doctor couldn’t help them because he didn’t have enough money to pay for the medicine. “This wouldn’t have happened when Tax was here.” The patients whispered miserably.

Other people wanted to play in the park but there wasn’t the right equipment for them. They decided to go to the shop and buy it but they couldn’t agree on who would pay for it. “This wouldn’t have happened when Tax was here.” The villages said with regret in their voices.

The kids didn’t have school anymore because the teachers were not being paid. This made the kids sad and they cried all day, no matter how much their parents tried to comfort them. “This wouldn’t have happened when Tax was here.” The children snivelled.

The roads in the village had become bumpy with potholes littering the street. It was dangerous as no one was paid to fix it but there was no one in town who would do it for free. “This wouldn’t have happened when Tax was here.”

The village was in an uproar with many people sick, the kids out of school, the fun parks just weren’t fun anymore and the roads weren’t safe. The people had all spent most of their money on what they wanted not what they needed. “Come back Tax!” the villagers cried. “Make everything alright again.”

The next day Tax was back in town, summoned by the cries of the village people. He smiled as they sobbed how sorry they were and they would never drive him away again. He took a little bit of money from each person but this time the people happily gave it to him. The doctor was able to buy the medicine and the sick people were healthy again. The villagers who wanted to play in the park got the equipment they wanted. The kids went back to school and laughed as their teachers welcomed them. People were happy as the travelled along the safe roads.

Everyone was happy again and the village had their good hospital, school, fun parks and safe roads back. Tax was happy now too because everyone loved him and he could do his job right.

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